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Exactly 6 months ago to the day, Jessica came through the doors of CityBeat in need of a Savior. Being under 100 pounds, high on drugs, feeling like she was dying with a very sick body and many things going on inside of her that she did not know about, we knew God had placed her in our care for His glory.

Our team helped Jessica get into a 3 week treatment center that wasn’t close by, and unfortunately we lost contact with each other because the treatment center released her to a local hospital only one day after her intake because her medical needs were so serious and far more than they could handle. She was told by the doctors that she would have died within a week if she remained in the condition that she was in. When we dropped her off at the treatment center to detox, we were hugging her goodbye, and we told her, “We promise we are going to see you at the end of this.” Little did we know that we would lose contact with each other for months… We were left not knowing where she was, praying that she was doing okay, wondering if we were ever going to see her again, curious if she was still alive.

Months and months went by, and we were trying to find Jessica. Little did we know that she was trying to find us too! A few days ago, we woke up to see that Jessica had commented on our Facebook page!

We were able to call Jessica this week and find out what had happened over the last 6 months. What was supposed to be a 3 week treatment turned into a long journey. She got out of the hospital, completed treatment, has been attending church every Sunday, going to weekly Bible studies, attending meetings, and truly experiencing God’s love for herself! All this time, she said God was giving her hope, and that she was hanging on to the words we told her – “We promise that we are going to see you at the end of this.”

We were able to meet up with her today over lunch, and she told us, “While I was in treatment, I really cried out to God for help. I prayed that He would remove the desire from me to use drugs, to remove the taste from my mouth, and He did just that! I don’t desire it, I don’t crave it, I don’t want it.”

Today Jessica is celebrating 6 months of being clean and alive!

We are beyond thankful to be able to sit at a table and celebrate with her today.

Jessica is giving God ALL of the glory, and we are too!

Together we can change the heartbeat of Baltimore City!