We are excited to provide CityBeat interns with an opportunity to gain an understanding of our mission, values, culture, and commitment to serving Baltimore. We strive to supply a solid foundation of learning through training and work experience, and we are committed to supplying interns with a challenging and rewarding internship.

While CityBeat interns get a taste of everything that our ministry includes, we are always happy to place interns in areas that they feel passionate about. Interns can choose focuses in the following areas:

  • Creative/Marketing

  • Fundraising

  • Pastoral Leadership

  • Anti-trafficking

  • Children

  • Homeless

  • Discipleship Homes

  • Community Outreach

  • Worship

The nature of what we do is rewarding, but not always easy. Interns will work hard, pray loud, and be a different person by the end of their internship experience. We promise that interns will gain more passion for serving those in need and will take away practical skills for reaching out to their own community.